This page focuses on authenticating various striped collections that Kate Spade has designed. I have devoted a separate page to the most commonly faked collection, "multi-stripe" aka "rainbow stripe" which you can view here. This is not a COMPREHENSIVE collection of striped bags, but covers most of the ones you will see faked. If you scroll down to the bottom half of the page, you can see common fake stripe patterns that Kate Spade has NEVER USED.

Park Stripe
The Park Stripe collection was available in the spring/summer of 2001. This is one of my absolute favorite collections of all time, so I'll start off with this one. It's also relatively commonly faked. Let's look at features of the authentic Park Stripe bags:

What's most noticeable about these bags is that the traditional black label has been replaced with a white label with green stitching. That is the easiest way to distinguish an authentic bag from a fake one. The fabric, like the multi-stripe, is cotton sateen with a slight sheen to it. Freqently the fakes with be some sort of rough canvas. The straps are thin vachetta leather. The interior of all the handbags is the "sprinkle k" beige faille, the exception being the diaper bag which of course is lined in the usual wipeable coated nylon. Another thing to keep in mind is that the handbags have leather ties, not canvas. In contrast, check out this picture of a fake Park Stripe bucket. It has thick leather (pleather?) handles, a canvas tie, and a black fabric Kate Spade label.

It is also worth noting that the Park Stripe collection was NOT made in a Sam, Pia, or Claire. The smallest Park Stripe bag is a "Sid" which looks like a Sydney but is about an inch bigger all around. Here's a fake Pia:

Luggage Stripe

These two pictures are of an authentic Madison. Note that this bag has brown leather trim and brown canvas handles. In the close-up of the label, you can see that the fabric is a smooth cotton sateen. This is only true of the purses and accessories, not the luggage. The large luggage stripe luggage bags are canvas.
The authentic Luggage Stripe bags are lined with "sprinkle K" faille lining, NOT GINGHAM!

There are several things to note about this luggage stripe fake. First of all, note that the handles are also done in luggage stripe, rather than brown canvas. In the second picture, you can get a good look at the gingham lining, which of course, it should not have. In the third picture, look closely at the texture of the fabric. You can see that it is a rough canvas material, rather than a smooth cotton sateen. Again, only the LARGE LUGGAGE is made of canvas.

Here are examples of styles that the luggage stripe is NOT available in (keep in mind, just like the rainbow stripe, the luggage stripe did not come in small purses either):

This is a fake of the Madison style. Again, note that the handles are all wrong and that it does not have the proper trim.

Silk Shantung Stripes

Mullen Stripe

Deauville Stripe

The authentic Deauville Stripe bags were available in the spring/summer of 2002. Several cosmetic bags were also made.

This is a counterfeit Deauville Stripe Pia. Note that the Deauville Stripe collection did not include a Pia or other small bag.

This is a counterfeit Deauville Stripe bucket. Notice that, unlike the authentic bags above, the pattern does not extend all the way to the bottom. Instead, it has canvas trim. Price tag is probably courtesy of a consignment shop!

Andy Stripe

etc. etc. etc.

Now for the Stripe Patterns that simply don't exist: This gallery shows you some common fakes that bear no resemblance to actual Kate Spade designs. Some of these stripes are so common people actually think Kate Spade used them (sort of like cherry print)!

Pink/denim blue:

Black with neon colors:

Bright neon colors:

Candy colored pink and white:

Note the bow on this last one - NO authentic stripe bag will have a bow like this!

Bright yellow stripe:

mustard stripe:

Turquoise, yellow, lime green and blue stripe:

Pastel green, pink and yellow on white:

Blue bar stripe:

Brown stripe straw:

Brown and tan bar stripe:

(Note the weird oval clasp with Kate Spade engraved . . .)

Blue and brown stripe:

Pastel sherbet stripes:

Light blue and yellow:

Note strange placement of fake metal label.

Orange and purple:

Orange and cream:

Orange, white and red:

Also note the fake pink stripe with bow, ick.