Want to see some awful counterfeit bags? Or are you trying to authenticate yours? Your first step is to browse through the Hall of Shame! On this page you will find photographs of shapes, fabrics, prints, leathers, and collections that Kate Spade has simply never used. If your bag looks like one of these, it's fake! To move to the second page, scroll down to the bottom and click the link.




Kate Spade has never made a bag with a sunflower print.

Bags that look like Pants

Kate Spade has never made a bag that looks like pants.

Elvis Presley, I Love Lucy, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop

These icons do not appear on Kate Spade bags.


Cowgirls/Western and Outdoor themes do not appear on Kate Spade bags.

Fashion Girls

This print is EXTREMELY prevalent but was never used by KS.

Note that we have a fake cosmetic case here.


Kate Spade has never done any sort of toile print.

Tie Dye

Kate Spade has never done anything that looks like tie dye or dip dye.

Patriotic Themes

Oh, the irony. Kate Spade has never made a print with the American flag or World Trade Center. Yet, they appear on countless fakes.

Cherry and Fruit Prints

Kate Spade has never made a bag with cherries or any other kind of fruit on it. Shown here are cherry prints, peaches, and strawberries. All of these bags are fake!

Because the Cherry Print is SO PREVALENT, I feel I must repeat: Kate Spade has NEVER made a cherry print. They are ALL fake. There is no such thing as an authentic cherry print (or other fruit).

Food, Condiments, Kitchen Items

Kate Spade has never made a bag with kitchen items, food, or condiments on it. Shown here are fake bags with Coke bottles, pepper, chili and sugar bowls. (That means all of those sushi bags are fake, too!)

Two-Tone Microfiber

This is another extraordinarily common fake. All of the two-tone microfiber bags with satin ribbon closures are fake. Kate Spade has never made a two-tone microfiber or nylon bag; only wool and canvas. She also uses grosgrain (ridged) ribbon, not satin


Except for those totes designed by Maira Kalman with the pictures of cartoon dogs and the Spring 2003 Zebra totes, there are NO ANIMAL pictures on Kate Spade bags.

Asian Fabrics

Any bag with fabric resembling that which you'd see on a cheongsam is fake.

I'll also throw in this weird Egyptian print here. Needless to say, any Egyptian print is fake.


Sorry, no.

Bandanna Prints

There is no authentic Kate Spade bag that looks like a bandanna.

Shoes and Handbags

There is no authentic Kate Spade bag with a print of handbags or shoes.

Fabrics/Styles that Look like Other Designers

Kate Spade certainly does not have to completely rip off the designs of others. Kate Spade does NOT use plaid fabric that looks like Burberry:

This backpack copies a Coach fabric:

Looks like the Louis Vuitton damier canvas:

Copies a Lulu Guinness design:

Copies the Marc Jacobs Venetia:

Holiday Prints

Kate Spade has not made a Christmas bag, or anything else celebrating a religious or Hallmark holiday!

Cars, Buildings, other industrial stuff

Kate Spade has not made a bag with cars, buildings, etc.

Cows, Roosters, other farm animals:

Kate Spade has used a lot of animal prints, but not cow print, roosters, or other farm animals. For more information on authenticating animal prints, Click Here.

Watercolor Prints

Fake Noel Print with Squares instead of "K's", metal labels, or both!

The "What the . . .?" Awards

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