Kate Spade FAQ!

1. My Kate Spade bag has metal feet on it. Does that mean it's fake?

The Kate Spade bags that do not have metal feet are the nylon Sam, Claire, Amy, Messenger bags and diaper bags. I repeat, NYLON. If you have a leather Kate Spade bag or one in a special pattern, such as Luggage Stripe, San Ysdiro, or any of the "fashion" bags, metal feet are not a sign of a fake.

2. Are there any nylon bags with metal feet on them?

Yes! The nylon Sydney has metal feet, as do the Finn, Quinn, Roger and Ruby. The nylon luggage has feet as well. See above for the styles that do not have feet.

3. In what countries are Kate Spade bags made?

I believe this is a complete list: USA, Italy, China, Taiwan, Dominican Republic (very limited production there), Indonesia, and the Phillipines. Most of the nylon bags were made in the USA until 2002, but now they are all made in China and Indonesia. All of the nylon accessories I have seen were all made in China. Most of the leather bags are made in Italy, and straw bags are typically made in Taiwan and the Phillipines.

4. I saw an auction where the seller mentioned the serial number. Do Kate Spade bags have serial numbers?

Kate Spade bags frequently have small tags with production numbers. However, usually when a seller mentions the serial number, they are mistaking the patent number engraved on the magnetic snap closure for a serial number. Some sellers use this to trick you into thinking the bag is authentic; some sellers are just clueless about this fact. If you believe the bag is authentic, email the seller and ask if they're talking about the number on the snap - this is the patent number for the magnetic snap mechanism - or the production number. Many fakes have patent numbers engraved on the magnetic snap!

5. Do authentic Kate Spade bags have "Kate Spade" engraved on the magnetic closure?

Some of them do, and some of them don't. Both types of magnetic closures are currently in production. There is no rhyme or reason of which I am aware as to why some bags have the engraving and some do not. Just bear in mind that a bag is not fake simply because it lacks this engraving, and it is not authentic simply because its magnetic closure is engraved.

6. I have seen a lot of the cherry print bags on eBay and they are so cute! Is it really true that Kate Spade has never made a cherry print bag?

Yes. It is really true. If you want a cute designer bag with a cherry print, check out Isabella Fiore's designs.

7. What's up with all those Marilyn Monroe and Elvis bags I've seen on eBay lately?

I have no idea. Ick! Kate Spade has never made anything remotely like this. With the exception of the "collage" cosmetic cases and the Maira Kalman bags (which have a Maira Kalman for Kate Spade label and are very distinctive), there has never been a Kate Spade anything with any sort of person on it. That includes cowgirls, fashion girls, babies, and anyone famous.

8. My Kate Spade bag has no country of origin tag. Does this mean it's fake?

In all likelihood, yes. There is a chance that you are carrying a bag from one of the very first collections which did not have country of origin tags. If you think this is the case, scrutinize the label very carefully and make sure it matches the authentic bags stitch for stitch. No country of origin tag indicates about a 95% chance of a fake. An example of an exception: My pink terry cloth backpack from 1994 has no "made in" tag.

9. Has Kate Spade ever made a denim bag?

Yes. There are two types of authentic denim bags. The first is the 1999 "Kate Spade Texas" collection that Kate did for Neiman Marcus. NM is a large shareholder in the Kate Spade company and of course, their home office is in Texas. These bags are lined in madras plaid and have labels that say "Kate Spade Texas." Click Here to see a picture of a Kate Spade Texas bag. The second authentic denim collection was done in 1997. These bags have beige plaid lining. To see a photo of one of these bags, Click Here. Please note that denim bags are among the most common fakes. The authentic ones are rare so be very careful. There is no denim luggage, duffle bag, or backpack. Denim bags are not lined in gingham (the gingham lined denim Sam is one of the most common fakes out there). Email me for authentication if you are not sure.

10. I don't have a Kate Spade bag. Which one should I get?

The best seller, and the obvious choice, would be the black nylon Sam. I wouldn't get that one, though. If you really want a fabulous bag, and you have to pick only one, I'd say get a boarskin bag. There are so many shapes and colors, one will definitely work for you. They are about twice as expensive as the nylon ones, but you can find them on sale and you can find them on eBay. The boarskin leather is just SO durable, it will never scratch, and it still looks new after more than a year of wear. Durability is the feature which causes me to recommend the boarskin bags for "starters." The colors are beautiful, but they do come in black too!

11. Does the nylon Sam have different kinds of lining?

The nylon Sam has black twill lining, as do the other nylon bags (except for the diaper bag which has coated nylon lining). The ONLY exception is some bags that were made with the tiger stripe lining from the fall, 2000 collection. Nylon bags do NOT have gingham, rainbow, hot pink, or any other color lining.

12. What do you need to authenticate a Kate Spade bag?

Unfortunately, eBay sellers often take horrible photographs. If the bag is something like a cherry print, or something else that Kate has never made, I can tell you even with a bad photo. However, if it's a fake of a bag Kate has made, like a nylon bag or a leather tote, I will need to see a picture of the whole bag, a good close-up of the label and any other identifying marks such as country of origin tag (if it's there). I can give you an opinion as to whether a bag is authentic without these things, but in an abundance of caution I will not give you a statement with 100% certainty and help you file fraud claims unless I have satisfied myself that the bag is fake beyond any doubt. If there is an occasion where I am not sure, I will send you to the Kate Spade co. customer service. I'm sure there are Kate Spade bags out there that I have never seen before (hard to imagine, but true!)

13. What kind of lining are Kate Spade diaper bags supposed to have?

Almost all of them will have black nylon lining that is heavy and coated so you can clean it easily. There are a few diaper bags that have special lining, such as the Highland Tweed diaper bag which is lined in hair calf. As far as the nylon diaper bags are concerned, these bags will all be lined in heavy black nylon. I've seen some nylon fakes recently with pink lining; please be aware that the nylon diaper bag does NOT have pink lining (nor does any other nylon bag!)

14. Do all Kate Spade bags with metal hardware have "kate spade" engraved in it?

No. Depends on the bag. Your bag is NOT FAKE just because it doesn't have engravings.

15. How should I clean my Kate Spade bag?

This is probably the question I get the most, and the one that I am the least qualified to answer. The best thing you can do is Scotch Guard your nylon bag when you purchase it to protect it from damage. You can usually wipe your nylon bag clean with a damp cloth. If this does not work, call KS customer service at 1-800-519-3778 and describe the stain to them. I have had good luck cleaning my leather bags with Coach leather cleaner and conditioner - just be sure not to use this on Vachetta leather as it can darken the leather. Other than that, I must leave this to the KS customer service experts.

16. What does it mean when an eBay seller says there is a small "S" written on the inside of the bag?

It means that the bag was purchased at one of Kate Spade's sample sales. They write the "S" inside the lining so you can't take the bag to Neiman Marcus or wherever and try to return it for the retail price. Bags purchased at Kate's sample sales are absolutely authentic, and first quality (unless the seller specifically describes defects, the bag will be exactly the same as what you would buy in store). As always, though, be sure to look for all the hallmarks of authenticity.

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