Authenticating Your Kate Spade Animal Print



This page is devoted to helping you authenticate your animal print Kate Spade bag. First we'll look at some authentic collections, and then at some counterfeits with prints that Kate Spade never used.

Early Faux Fur Leopard

This collection is one of Kate Spade's earliest, and I'm not sure that it had a name. Note that this collection has two-tone spots and the background color is even throughout, whereas the Catamont collection below has black spots and a background color that changes. You will not see an authentic leopard print bag with two-tone spots AND a changing background.

1997 Catamont Leopard

This is one of the earlier faux fur collections done by Kate. This one has a background color that varies from light tan to light brown, with an allover black spot pattern. The lining of these bags is black and they have black leather handles. This collection will have the Made in USA flag tags. Note that the spots are all black.


Note the SEVERE color changes on this bag, lack of leather straps, and I'm not even sure that fabric is faux fur!

Giraffe - Faux Fur

This is one of Kate Spade's most popular fabrics, from 1999, and a collection that is frequently associated with KS quintessential designs. The faux fur giraffe bags are lined in red satin and have black leather straps. It is imperative if you're looking at one on eBay that you get a close photograph of the front label, as counterfeit faux fur Sams look strikingly similar to the real thing. These bags were made in the USA and will have the traditional "flag tag" somewhere on the interior.

Tiger - Faux Fur

These bags are also from 1999 and share the same features as the faux fur giraffe. My advice is also the same when buying on eBay.

Silk Faille Giraffe

Also from 1999, these bags are silk faille (a ridged fabric) and were made in Italy. They are lined in hot pink satin and will either have a tag on the interior that says "Made in Italy" or "Made in Florence, Italy."

Tiger Faille

This collection, from Fall 2000, included numerous bag shapes and accessories. This silk faille fabric was also used to line a few other handbag collections and shoes. The lining of these bags is red. Some of this collection was made in Italy, and some was made in the USA. You'll note that many bags from this collection have the exterior Kate Spade label on the SIDE rather than the front. These bags have engraved hardware attaching the straps.
Example of Nylon Faille bag lined in tiger faille print:

Lizard Faille

The Lizard Faille bags were available in a variety of shapes, as well as accessories. They are beige silk faille and made in Italy with dark leather trim. The lining is beige faille "Sprinkle K". Be aware of counterfeits that have a much larger, more squareish print, lack metal hardware attaching the straps, etc.

Africa collection

Pony Haircalf Leopard

Tangiers faux fur