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Dear Kate Spade Enthusiast,

Thank you for stopping by my website. My name is Kat, aka Elviscostellofan on eBay, and I have been collecting Kate Spade handbags for over 9 years. I hope that you find this information helpful, whether you're a Kate Spade collector, someone who purchased a fake and wants their money back, or just someone who hates counterfeit bags. I can usually spot a fake Kate Spade bag a mile away. Okay, that's an exaggeration! But it is a very unusual situation when I cannot conclusively determine the authenticity of a Kate Spade bag from decent photographs. I have been assisting people with their counterfeit handbag problems via eBay's Trust & Safety, Cothing & Accessories, and Shoes & Handbags message boards for almost 8 years. However, I am not an employee of the Kate Spade company, and I am not affiliated with that company. This website is an amateur site written by a huge fan of Kate Spade's designs who also happens to detest the counterfeit trade. It is based on many years of admittedly obsessive collecting, eBay shopping, and observing thousands and thousands of counterfeits auctioned on eBay. This website allows you to learn as much as I know about Kate Spade bags without the 9 year waste of time! :)

Many people have asked me why I do not maintain a list of bad sellers. Well, the thing is, I don't want to skewer individual people. My intention is not to say that so-and-so is a "bad" seller or that someone is a "bad" person just because they've sold a fake. Maybe they don't know what the sale of fakes supports. Maybe they've never heard of trademark law. Who knows? The point is, this site is here to help people, not harm them. Even the people who are selling fakes had to get them SOMEWHERE . . . I want to help them too -- they deserve to get their money back from the people who've sold them fakes just as much as anyone else does.

Some information on information:
This website is for informational purposes only. Because it is strictly non-profit and educational, it is fully compliant with the U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. 107, which grants license for the use of copyrighted material for educational use only. Any use of the images or text on this site to sell your own stuff is strictly prohibited. The only reason I get to use anything here is because I'm not selling anything on this website. Nada. Not even authentication services (my assistance is gratis). Don't take other peoples' images and use them on your auctions. Alrighty? In addition, all of the content here is protected by copyright. DO NOT copy the pictures on the website for your auctions. I am a member of eBay's VERO (verified rights owner) program and can have your auction removed for this. Please take your own photographs. You are welcome (and encouraged) to use the information contained on the website for your auctions (i.e. collection name, year, shape, etc.) but don't plagiarize (not that my descriptions are Shakespeare, but I've devoted an enormous amount of time and energy to this little website project here).

I also must give a disclaimer: I cannot be responsible for your eBay auctions. If you read something here that leads you to believe your bag is authentic, but you auction it and it turns out to be counterfeit, I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for your mistake. You need to have your item professionally authenticated before you auction it; this is your responsibility as a seller. If you're not going to do that, please be sure to read EVERY page carefully. I can't tell you how many times I've seen eBay sellers say "I authenticated this bag on ihatecounterfeitbags.info" and it's some cruddy rainbow stripe sam with a peel-off label. Gross. Please be responsible!

I have redesigned this website several times and I can't settle on the best format in which to present this information. I'm satisfied with the current design, but I apologize that it is still somewhat difficult to navigate. The difficulty with Kate Spade bags is that there are SO many collections, and SO many variations of counterfeits, it is impossible to simply present a few pages of information and suddenly make the public experts at authenticating Kate Spades. For that reason, I make no suggestion that reading this website is a substitute for having your handbag authenticated at a Kate Spade store (or by me personally, hah!) You will notice that many pages are still under construction. I add something new to the website every few days! If there is something you'd like to see on this website, feel free to make suggestions! I accept donations of information, pictures, and money! Just kidding. I do this all for free.

You will notice that throughout the picture galleries, some of the photographs were taken by other people. When I use someone else's picture I mark it with their eBay seller ID so that the picture cannot be used by other eBay sellers. Many of these people run regular auctions on eBay and care just as much as I do about authenticity. You should check out their auctions!!

NOTE: I no longer authenticate bags by email. I simply do not have the time or resources to devote to this anymore. However, if you post a thread on eBay's Shoes and Accessories message board, it is very likely that I will see it and answer your question. If, for some reason, I am not available, tlcabt, luv2research, piwykit, monikoni and others can help you. CLICK THIS LINK to go to the eBay message board. I promise you will get help there, from me or someone very qualified!

Another note: People often ask me why the collection information stops at 2005. There are two reasons for this. First, again, I simply no longer have the time to update the collections anymore. Second, I feel that Kate Spade bags, to a large extent, are no longer as desirable as they once were. I am no longer satisfied with the designs or the quality. I am also no longer satisfied with their customer service. For about 10 years, when the company was small, the customer service was superb. The company gave its customers personal attention. I am sad to say that this is no longer the case. However, I am still a devotee of the first 10 years of collections and feel they should be celebrated! Older Kate Spade bags, especially the leather ones, are of a very high quality and unique design (without being too bizarre or whimsical). To the extent that I do have time to add to the website, I would rather focus on adding pictures of the older collections, and making this the best resource for information about the vintage collections as it can be. If you love the current Kate Spade collections, take heart. This is just one person's opinion. She still makes great designs - I just do not believe that overall there is as much to be celebrated as there once was. Anyway, I wish to thank you for your time and attention, and hope you enjoy browsing the site!
Best regards,

March 9, 2007

Accolades: there are a few people who have made invaluable contributions (i.e. huge numbers of photos or information) to this website and/or the eBay crusade against fakes. Their eBay ID's are:


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